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Log in to Facilities


Your EUID and password are the same credentials you would use to log in to or EIS. If don't know what your EUID or password is, go to the AMS website and verify your login there.

Why do we require you to log in?

While the information contained in the 'secured' areas of our website is not generally considered sensitive in nature, we would rather have these areas secure, just in case information is displayed that we don't want anyone and everyone to see. That way, you can feel comfortable that the information you're entering is not generally visible to the outside world.

About logging in

Access to our site is limited to users with an account in the UNT active directory, which are typically UNT Faculty, Staff, and student employees with a staff account. For the convenience of our users, our site will 'remember' your login information as long as you are using the same computer. If you share your computer with other users, remember to log out of the site after you are finished.

Problems logging in?

If you are able to log in successfully to, but cannot log in to our site, please contact our Facilities IS Helpdesk for assistance.